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Criminal Records Podcast

Dec 20, 2018

This week we cover one of the architects of the infamous Soviet GULAG system, who started his career as an inmate of the very system he would reshape forever!

Dec 6, 2018

This week, we tackle Iceland's most famous (and only) serial killer, Axlar-Bjorn. Who was he? Why is his case difficult to reconstruct? Why do all these dead bodies keep mysteriously showing up on his farm in a totally inexplicable way? 

Nov 22, 2018

This week, we cover a fratricide from China's Qing dynasty. Who were the Li family? Why did one of the brothers of the family kill another? And how was the case handled by one of the world's most complex justice systems?

Nov 8, 2018

This week, we cover one of the most scandalous criminal cases in Japanese history. In 1936, Abe Sada commits a grizzly murder that captures the attention of all of Japan. Why did she do it? How was the crime investigated? And why do we care so much? All of that, plus some tasteless genital jokes (far fewer than we could...

Oct 25, 2018

This week, we cover one of history's most famous imposture cases. Eight years after leaving his home town of Artigat, Martin Guerre comes home. But of course, all of us change after a long time away -- sometimes into different people altogether!